Shifang changfeng chemical co., LTD
Shifang Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd

Shifang changfeng chemical co., LTD
Shifang Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd

Research& Development Center

Technology center

Changfeng technology center is introduced

The technical center covers an area of:4500Square meters

The construction area:2在支付宝上如何卖股票Square meters
The total investment000000-00-0-0-0-0200More than ten thousand yuan

After completion,The company will have set research and development、Analysis of detection、Kind of、Pilot for the integration of research and development function,And provides a platform of talent cultivation and growth,When the quality of our products、Innovation will have a greater leap。

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2019Changfeng Russia with you

2019Changfeng Russia with you

International exhibition center held by Russia,The Russian federation of chemistry、Russia's national industry、The Russian government departments to support special paint coating industry exhibition,Will be in2019Years3Month4The day was held in Moscow, Russia。The exhibition has been held successfully for 22 years,Is highly professional and authoritative,Get tongren widely recognized in the industry,Have higher visibility。

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

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  • To protect the environment、Improve fire safety

    Company to develop the environmental protection of halogen free flame retardant science,Using the low smoke low toxic phosphorus-containing halogen-free flame retardant technology,The combustion does not produce toxic smoke,Deadly poison,Flame retardant rate is high,Widely used in wood、Textiles、Coating、Flame retardant field in polymer materials,Provides the security for the society、And reliable、The halogen-free flame retardants of environmental protection。

  • Power of agriculture,Adhere to sustainable development

    Take root in agriculture,Adhere to sustainable development,My company production of all kinds of the water soluble fertilizer,Mainly used in drip irrigation and spray,High fertilizer effect,Seems less,Non-toxic harmless,Save water and fertilizer loss reduction effectively,Optimization of farming,Improve the environment!

  • Pay attention to health,Humanized management

    We always adhere to the people-oriented,Safeguard the rights and interests of employees,Support employee career development,True love,Has always been,Pay attention to employee work environment and the improvement of the living environment,Through continuous improvement and precipitation,To obtain“Occupational health standardization enterprise”The title。

  • To the public,The social responsibility

    The company always adhere to the to the society,The spirit of return society,At the same time of stable development,stay true to the missio,A lot of public welfare activities,Contains the witness、Student、Invite experts yizhen, etc。